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An absolute MUST for every successful business is a user-friendly website. According to PRLog, a website that monitors website and Internet useage, websites will be a critical part of the business world in the 21st Century. They predict that "by 2015, any business without a website will most likely have gone under". The Small Business Administration ranks no website as the seventh most likely reason for business failure.

Website Creation - If your customer does not have a website that at least tells potential customers who they are, where they are located, when they are open, and the products or services they offer, THEY ARE LOSING SALES! Business Plan Writers and Advisors has a team of specialists ready to create a website for your customer.

Website Review - If your customer already has a website, it should be reviewed by a professional website designer to determine if there are site enhancements that can be employed to make the website more customer-friendly and inviting. Business Plan Writers and Advisorsoffers website review on a wholesale basis. Our professional web designers have years of experience and do website enhancement and review on a full-time basis rather than as a hobby.

Web Marketing Solutions - Having a website is a great start, but a website does not market itself. Key words, backlinks, directory listings, text adjustments, blogging, social networking, and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are all essential to any website successfully being listed near the top when a search is requested. 

The vast majority of online generated sales go to the websites listed on the first page of a search. If a website is not listed on the first two pages of a search, the chances of a sale through the website is nearly zero. That is how critical web marketing solutions are to the success of a website and, ultimately, to the success of a business. Our web marketing experts analyze the website’s marketing efforts and create a written report that tells your customer in easy-to-understand language exactly what they must do to enhance their website’s search placement. You can sell your customer the report separately so they can complete the steps themselves to enhance their search placement, or you can sell a combination of the initial written report, Business Plan Writers and Advisor’s web marketing enhancement services, and a written, follow-up comparison report that shows the progress made by our marketing efforts.

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